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Our approach to evaluation is fresh and engaging.  We specialize in building the capacity of leadership teams to prove and improve impact through credible and meaningful evaluation.

Getting to What Matters Presentation

2-3 hour workshop

All of us who work with people need a way both to prove and to improve our impact in the lives of those we serve.  We need data to demonstrate what we are doing is making a difference.  We also need data to show us how to get better.  We need better ways to evaluate what really matters.

Too often, however, evaluation fails to give us a crisp and clear picture of impact.  It is frequently burdensome, perfunctory, and unwieldy – a chore to perform, not an exciting and incisive discovery of the keys to causing human impact.  We tend to measure the wrong things in the wrong ways, making our evaluation inert and tiresome.  How do we make our valuation better? 

How do we

  • design simple, elegant and meaningful evaluation?
  • focus on impact and not just output?
  • draw a “line of sight” between our people management practices and our ability to fulfill our mandate?
  • develop leadership capacity through evaluation?
  • mobilize leaders and stakeholders to make data-driven decisions?
  • demonstrate the value and impact of our programs to potential funders. 

Based on the work of over a decade of capacity-building with hundreds of programs and agencies across North America, this workshop will provide innovative thinking and proven technique to help us prove and improve our impact.    

For more information, follow this link.

Deep Dive

multiple-month course of inquiry and organizational discovery

The Deep Dive Project is an initiative to equip organizations to develop qualitative research capacity and design program innovations as a result of qualitative findings.  

Qualitative research is about seeing better.  When a group of leaders gains the ability to see more deeply, more accurately, more meaningfully into cultural dynamics, quality of impact, and the nuances of need among those served, a cascade of potential and innovation is released.

The aim of the deep dive is to increase help leaders increase their effectiveness by redesigning signature programs and creating new and innovative interventions based on the insight of qualitative inquiry.  This is done by training and guiding leaders to complete a qualitative inquiry into an area of concern for organizational impact.  

To see an example of a Deep Dive project, follow this link.     

Project Impact

half-year, cohort-based course in evaluation design, implementation, and learning

The nonprofit sector is robust and expansive, but we need to improve our collective ability to evaluate our impact.  We need greater capacity for doing crisp, clear, and effective evaluation.  We need to get better both to prove our impact and to improve our impact.

To develop evaluation capacity, we have designed a half-year course to develop a cadre of skillful practitioners from a wide array of nonprofits who will create fresh evaluation designs, push the sector into new evaluation possibilities, and use evaluation to shape program innovations and renovations. 

This project 

·         convenes a cadre of high-capacity nonprofit leaders in learning community,

·         provides graduate-level training in half-day modules once a month,

·         guides leaders to design and execute fresh evaluation strategies, 

·         coaches leaders to apply the learning from evaluation to implement program adjustments and innovations, and 

·         embeds habits of evaluation in the ongoing life of the organizational. 

To read more about Project Impact, follow this link.

To see examples of Project Impact reports, follow this link.


special projects 


We provide evaluation services for select organizations and initiatives, including the European Leadership Forum, Nonprofit Sector Labour Market Partnership in British Columbia, Iowa Commission on Volunteer Services, Immigrant Employment Council, Equity and Inclusion Executive Director Cohort of the Nonprofit Association of Oregon, among others.